Love in the Time of Corona


May 26, 2020 - Tuesday of the Seventh Week of Easter


Acts 20:17-27, Ps. 68:20-21 and John 17:1-11a


Anna Huth

In the two readings for today’s liturgy, Paul and Jesus have faced their own deaths and share that profoundly with their companions. Both are clear about their suffering past, present and to come. Yet neither is focused on the suffering; instead, they are focused on God and fulfilling God’s particular call to them. Both know and recognize out loud their own sacrifices and the results of their sacrifices, yet both look ahead with strength.  Both Paul and Jesus are deeply solemn, yet not morose; they are so full.   


We each have times of profound loss in our lives. We can remember, and enter again, the feeling in our core: tremendous loss and painful emptiness, yet also a certain riveted awareness of God, of ourselves and of others. Although that riveted awareness ranges from “barely” to “overpowering” in the full course of suffering, with God’s grace, it prevails. 


We’re not alone. Part of ministry is accompanying people who experience great loss and that riveted awareness. Part of making it through the COVID crisis is being one with people and with a whole society and world dealing with loss – and that riveted awareness.  So we, with Paul, Jesus, and inestimable companions pray today’s psalm: “Blessed day by day be the Lord, who bears our burdens; God, who is our salvation. God is a saving God for us; the Lord, my Lord, controls the passageways of death.”