Evangelization Teams

Teams of parishioners who walk the neighborhood around Our Lady of Guadalupe knocking on doors, checking in on our neighbors, whether they are parishioners or not, to build a stronger sense of community by getting to know our neighbors and understanding the gifts and struggles of those who live in our parish boundaries.

Maria Tijerina: 210.365.2606

Eucharist to the Home Bound

Grace Beltron: 210.284.3204

Helping Hands
Lee Thielen: 210.371.3701

Home Bound Visitors
Maria Tijerina: 210.365.2606

Home Blessing
Mirta Rubalcava: 210.290.6659

Meals to the Home Bound
Margie Gomez: 210.725.9167

Welcoming Ministry
Lee Thielen: 210.371.3701