On June 13, 1992, the parochial vicar, Rev. Anthony Ozzimo, SJ, noticed tears coming from the eyes of the statue of the Immaculate Conception in the church.  "We were clearing the Pentecost symbols from the side altar in preparation for Trinity Sunday Masses.  We replaced the statue which had been in storage for Holy week.  Several statues were stored there.  When the statue was replaced, I left the church,"  he said.  Later, when placing missalettes in the pews for Masses, Fr. Anthony noticed the cheeks of the statue were wet.  Thinking there might be a leak above, he looked to the ceiling, but it was dry.  "When I looked closer at the statue, I noticed tears were coming from her eyes, rolling down the robe on to the base of the statue.  Fr. Anthony called a few other staff members over to the church to see what he saw.   Guadalupe Lopez, the parish secretary and Bro. Alexander Gussio, SJ, both came over and word spread.  Although the tears had stopped, the cheeks were wet for about four days.  Over 7,800 people visited in one day, standing in long lines in 90 degree heat.  

"Perhaps Our Lady is calling us to end the violence in our city,"  Fr. Antonio said.  Peace became a main topic of his homilies.  "I tell [the people] the most difficult thing Jesus ever preached was to 'forgive your enemies, do good to those that hurt you...'"

Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception; pray for us.  Amen.