Love in the Time of Corona


June 12, 2020 – Friday of the Tenth Week in Ordinary Time


1 KGS 19:9A, 11-16


Anna Chavez

Elijah’s story today is telling of human nature. He has been faithful to God and God’s mission, calling the people to turn away from their infidelity and idolatry to return to God. His entire livelihood has been at God’s service. Ironically, while he has fearlessly served God, in his weariness and vulnerability, Elijah is overcome by fear and runs into hiding. He had placed all his trusted in God, risking his reputation and his life over and again and now he wants out. 


Up on God’s mountain after the gushing windstorm, the earthquake, and finally the fire, Elijah can now hear God’s gentle calling once again. Up on God’s mountain he is healed, and his human dignity is restored. Now well rested and faith-filled, Elijah has the courage to complete his mission.   


Along life’s journey, we too, at times feel weary and, in our vulnerability, we may become disheartened and fearful. Our faithfulness to God’s call to LIFE may become dull and all we can think of is running away. Elijah’s story reminds us that God accompanies us in our struggle. His mercy endures forever! Like Elijah, we can run to the “mountain of God’. From there we can stand before life’s storms. We will feel the earth shake us to our core and the fire cleansing our souls, and in the end we shall hear the voice of God, a gentle voice guiding us through the fear, the desperation, restoring our human dignity and giving us the courage to continue forward.