Love in the Time of Corona


June 10, 2020 - Wednesday of the Tenth Week in Ordinary Time


1 KGS 18:20-39 and Matt. 5:17-19


Anna Chavez

To say there is social unrest in the streets today is an understatement. It is said to be a moment of an “awakened moral consciousness”. The people are demanding relief from suffering at the hands of a deadly system that perpetuates injustice and inequality due to the color of one’s skin. In today’s Gospel Jesus reminds us that he did not come to “abolish the law but to fulfill it.” That “law” can be summed up as a prescription for right relationship, the very definition of God’s justice: to love God with all our heart, soul, and mind and to love our neighbor as ourselves.  


Now is the time not to abolish the rule of law, but rather to make right the relationship between one another and between government and people. Human relationship must be grounded in the absolute truth that all are innately sacred beings made in God’s own image. As faithful citizens, we have the opportunity and responsibility to review our own treatment of others who are different from us and to challenge the status quo. It is an opportunity to widen our personal boundaries and sharpen our senses to enable us to listen intently to the outcry of the poor and act together to fulfill God’s law.


May we heed the cry of the poor in the streets of our nation today. God, give us the grace we need to not “straddle the issue” but to choose you and act with courage to bring about Your peaceable Reign. May the Spirit set our hearts on fire for justice and equality for all.