Love in the Time of Corona


May 28, 2020 - Thursday of the Seventh Week of Easter


John 17:20-26


Mark Dreves

You are a gift to me. You are special to me. You are important to me. Jesus, in today’s Gospel, is having a prayer conversation with God. He is talking about us. Usually, when someone is talking about another, it is negative gossip. Gossip is one of the biggest destroyers of human relationships. This time, however, it is good, really good. Jesus is saying how important we are to Him and that He wishes to be one with us. Jesus’ earthly ministry is about showering us with God’s love so that we are one as they are one.


Too often in human relationships there is separation and pain, suffering and discord. At this point in Jesus’ life, God and He are physically separated because of the incarnation. But they are still spiritually connected. In this Time of Corona, maybe we are physically separated from friends and society but not from God, if we choose... Being connected to God is our choice. God will never force His love upon us. Jesus’ whole point with the incarnation was to show that we are loved by God. And God wants to be connected spiritually with us until we rise from the dead.


What can you do today to connect or possibly, reconnect yourself to God? You are a gift to God, from God. In your ministries, never forget that you are a gift to God and that means, that those we live and work with are also that same gift from God.